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The Perfect Gift For A Man – Compiled by Gavin Heaton and Mark Pollard

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Question: What does it really mean to be a man?

The Perfect Gift For A Man


The Perfect Gift For A Man goes a long way towards helping us understand this question and a fair way towards answering it.

Personally, I think, the book is a must read for every man.  If you don’t believe me – just start to read the first couple of stories in the book – then decide.


Where did it start?


Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos) and Mark Pollard (@markpollard) put a call out asking for help to compile a book about “becoming a man” after their efforts around the Inspire Foundation’s #Manweek campaign and the feeling that they both wanted to try to do more to make a difference.  The result is an outstanding book that contains 30 stories straight from the hearts and souls of everyday men and women like you and me.


Is it a good read?


Reading through the text, I became thoroughly engaged by the openness,  honesty, emotions and insights that each of the personal accounts bring to the book.  Each of the stories bring something new; a new or different way to think about a situation, something that you can relate to or the realisation that sometimes Read more…

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