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Wireless-N Upgrade – Thinking about a Christmas Treat

December 23, 2010 Comments off

Why Not?

Lately I’ve been looking for a bit more bandwidth in my home network to be able to stream HD video over wireless and moving to N seemed like the logical choice.

For the last 3 years I’ve run a Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware and it has been solid as a rock – best wireless I’ve ever had and will be a very hard act to follow.

My “new” work laptop supports Wireless-N and I get about 150MB/s at the office (which is faster than my wired lan at home) so I thought it could be a potential solution to my bandwidth problem.

So needing a bit more wireless bandwidth – the search was on for a new DD-WRT compatible wireless solution.

I’m currently considering the ASUS RT-N16 – seeems to have excellent specs – plenty of grunt, 2 USB ports and supports either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.  From what I’ve read the ASUS firmware is flaky and results in wireless dropouts but those on Whirlpool that have upgraded to either Tomato or DD-WRT are reporting good performance.  In addition the RT-N16 has a fast processor (480MHz stock + ability to overclock), 32 MB Flash (which is huge – even the biggest installs of DD-WRT are only just over 8MB) – to me this seems like a really fast piece of kit capable of running DD-WRT.  The 2 USB ports bring into play usage as a torrent box plus a printer hub.

The ASUS RT-N16 seems to have a hugh amount of potential – I think I’m going to have to get one and see how far I can stretch it.

Anyone else have experience with this model? Other thoughts?


WDTV Live Hub – time for an upgrade?

December 21, 2010 5 comments

WDTV Live Hub

Each year Western Digital come out with a new WDTV player – this year it’s the WDTV Live Hub with a 1TB internal 2.5″drive and a new interface.

I usually treat myself to an upgrade around Christmas and flow the older models down the line retiring the oldest but I’m still um’ing and ar’ing this year.

The Live Hub seems to be the same WDTV Live with a new skin on the current Live platform, a new form factor and an internal drive.  From what I’ve been able to find out the Live Hub it also won’t be getting any of B-Rad’s love anytime soon either.  So I would be tied to WD updates.

Saying that – I must admit Read more…

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