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Make a work Blackberry 8310 work for you

I have a Blackberry 8310. It’s great to be connected to work email, calendar, tasks etc and I’m actually much more productive now than I was previously, however it also has to work for me. I’ve found a few tweaks to share that make my life a bit easier.

1) Auto Text can make your life easier – especially for your email signature
I noticed that with the Blackberry – every email I sent didn’t include my standard signature. I added a signature in email/options/Use Auto Signature – however I noticed it was always added at the end of the email rather than with my most recent text – the solution – create an Auto Text (in my case RM – then press return to expand) that is unique and automatically gets transposed by Auto Text into my full multi-line signature. This way it is always and only added where I want it to be.

2) Organising Email & Outlook Read more…