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MythTV Ads, WDTV and ProjectX equals no more ads

February 9, 2010 5 comments

Warning to all – this is a very long & somewhat technical post…

You know, I’m really not a programmer any more, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a piece of production code – and in my current role – believe me – that’s probably a good thing – I now leave that to the expert Java developers in my team.  But, I came across my first MythTV recording that was from CH10 (Aus) and like all commercial channels it had ads…Argh!!!

To be honest – I don’t watch that much commercial TV anymore – so to be honest, this is rare, but it was a show that we regularly watch so – it became a priority 🙂

Anyway, from my recent experience, MythTV does a really great job of recording anything you point it at and it’s also very good at finding and flagging most of the TV ads but it’s really not very good at finding the start & end of a show – and trust me if you record anything on CH10 unless you leave 5 mins before the scheduled start of the show and at  least and 15 mins after the scheduled finish – you are going to miss it.  To magnify issues somewhat – we were watching the show upstairs on a non MythTV player – SO THERE WAS NO AUTO AD SKIPPING – and at that point – it was game over – I needed to find something to fix the ad problem or next time… (you know the rest)…

Well, as always in IT, the answer is always more complicated that was originally envisioned… So there are two parts to this simple endeavor Read more…

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WDTV plus B-Rad Firmware equals Many New Possibilities

January 9, 2010 11 comments

I purchased the original WDTV (Western Digital HD Media Player) over 12 months ago – they are a fantastic little box that will play just about anything and have full 1080p HDMI output with 5.1 digital out – needless to say it has served me very well.

My only negative comment is that it required a lot of sneaker time (copying files from my torrent server onto USB drives and then plugging them into the WDTV player to view them on my HDTV).

Well, Western digital recently released a new version, the WDTV Live – the best new feature is that it includes is ethernet (on board) and wireless support (with selected adaptors).  I’ve upgraded to the WDTV Live and I have to admit – I think it’s worth it.

Not only is the new WDTV Live faster than the original version it also supports DTS decoding and I’ve also found it’s Read more…

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