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Panasonic PT-AE900E fan noise is actually the Dynamic Iris

July 5, 2014 4 comments


My Panasonic PT-AE900E projector (same as PT-AE900U) is getting a bit long in the tooth and started making a noise that sounded like a PC power supply fan that is about to die (or a couple of marbles rolling around the bottom of the projector).  The sound appears as soon as the projector is turned on and remains there until the project is switched off.

I pulled the projector apart (not for the faint-heared) to see if I could find the fan that was about to cease up but they all seemed fine.

After some additional research on Google I found this AVS forum discussing a similar noise and it suggested disabling the dynamic iris as that could be the cause of the issue.  I eventually found the PT-AE900E Service Manual (thanks to Garry Tan’s blog post).

Fortunately, I also found this Youtube Video on a fix for the dynamic iris an older model Panasonic projector.  The iris control is a little bit harder to get to on the AE900E but the iris control is accessed through the lamp cover the same way.

The video suggests using CRC or WD40 on a cotton bud but I chose to use some sewing machine oil.

When I first moved the iris it took about 1/2 a second to go from fully open to fully closed.  After lubricating the iris shaft and spring (as per the video) it now shuts in a couple of milliseconds.

After closing up the projector and testing it the noise is completely gone & the dynamic iris is now working as expected.

I also found this Spare Parts suppler in Australia in case you need a replacement iris.

Usual warnings – Make sure the projector is unplugged before performing any of the above, be extremely careful and don’t try this unless your confident you know what you are doing.