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Twitter and the allure of 140 characters – is it easier than blogging?

October 15, 2009 7 comments

I really like 140 characters – do you?

Why Twitter?
I joined twitter and started tweeting in July 2009 after watching a 1 hour demo of Google Wave – the Wave demo changed my perspective on communicating and I realised that real time, live collaboration was almost here.  Until then, Twitter was the closest thing to real time communication I could find – I also really like the fact that in the demo they added twitter to a wave creating a twave and there was a heap of people in the audience tweeting about the wave demo.

Personally, I love twitter and 140 chars – forces me to be short, sharp and succinct with my messages.  I also love the fact that it’s the same for everyone else.  I can organise the people I follow into groups and scan tweets quickly.

The potential of 140 realised
My break through into 140 and appreciation of the value of this tool was when I attended the Online Retailer Conference in August this year where I spent a fair amount of time tweeting key points from each of the presentations – there were a couple of other people that did the same and both during and after the event several people said “thanks for your tweets, it was like I was attending the event.
I also really like the whole concept of ambient awareness (learn more by reading this article Read more…