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Firefox 4 Tips

March 19, 2011 Comments off

Firefox 4 ImageThe final version of Firefox 4.0 is scheduled for release on March 22nd so I upgraded to the latest Firefox 4.0 Release Candidate last night and so far so good.  I like the new look and the speed of the new version.  It also has some great new features such as:

  • New Tab Location
  • Tabs for applications
  • Easy switch to tab
  • Synchronizing Settings
  • Managing Add-ons made easy
  • Panorama
  • HTML 5 support
  • Full Hardware Acceleration
  • Organizing tabs made easy
  • Firefox button for easy access and reduced clutter.

Extensions usually take a little while to be updated but I was able to install all the ones that I use regularly including Delicious.

I’ve also outlined below a couple of tips I used to get everything working.

1) Tab width

It used to be possible to change the Tab width in the about:config setup however the current Firefox 4 release candidate appears to now ignore this.  Fortunately someone has created an add-on that will fix this for you and allow you to update the tab widths.  Here’s the link

2) Delicious Bookmark Add-on

The Delicious bookmark add-on works with Firefox 4.0b3pre but currently doesn’t install on Firefox 4.0 RC however it is possible to force it to install and so far it’s working fine for me.


First goto the addon site and choose install anyway.

The browser will complain that it can’t be installed.

Within FireFox 4 goto “Help” in the Menu, then “Troubleshooting Information”

Click on the button “Open Containing Folder” (within the box “Application Basics” on top of the page)

Close Firefox

Goto into directory “extensions\{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9}”

Within the file install.rdf change

em:maxVersion=”4.0b3pre” />


em:maxVersion=”4.0″ />

Restart Firefox

The above worked perfectly for me and once Firefox was restarted the extension was enabled.  I then manually added the tag and bookmark buttons to the toolbar.

Thanks to the users on the delicious support forum

I’m always looking to improve Firefox so please share your tips or favourite add-ons in the comments section below.

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Wireless-N Upgrade – Thinking about a Christmas Treat

December 23, 2010 Comments off

Why Not?

Lately I’ve been looking for a bit more bandwidth in my home network to be able to stream HD video over wireless and moving to N seemed like the logical choice.

For the last 3 years I’ve run a Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware and it has been solid as a rock – best wireless I’ve ever had and will be a very hard act to follow.

My “new” work laptop supports Wireless-N and I get about 150MB/s at the office (which is faster than my wired lan at home) so I thought it could be a potential solution to my bandwidth problem.

So needing a bit more wireless bandwidth – the search was on for a new DD-WRT compatible wireless solution.

I’m currently considering the ASUS RT-N16 – seeems to have excellent specs – plenty of grunt, 2 USB ports and supports either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.  From what I’ve read the ASUS firmware is flaky and results in wireless dropouts but those on Whirlpool that have upgraded to either Tomato or DD-WRT are reporting good performance.  In addition the RT-N16 has a fast processor (480MHz stock + ability to overclock), 32 MB Flash (which is huge – even the biggest installs of DD-WRT are only just over 8MB) – to me this seems like a really fast piece of kit capable of running DD-WRT.  The 2 USB ports bring into play usage as a torrent box plus a printer hub.

The ASUS RT-N16 seems to have a hugh amount of potential – I think I’m going to have to get one and see how far I can stretch it.

Anyone else have experience with this model? Other thoughts?

Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate RTM from Win7 RC1 without a re-install

February 27, 2010 7 comments

For the last 2 weeks my laptop has been complaining that the Window7 RC1 OS I currently have installed is about to expire and I should upgrade.  I have no problem with making the move to the Win7 RTM version (I’ve had the disk for about a month) it’s been a matter of finding the time to go through the process of a complete re-install of both the OS and all of my applications.  Then there is the usual 1 to 2 days of tuning to get the apps and system settings back to the way I like them.

As of today, I only have about 5 days left so I thought I better fix it.  I still don’t have time for a fresh install so I thought I would just perform an upgrade now and perform a fresh install when I have a bit more spare time.

After going through the options to get to the upgrade menu – I was bit frustrated to discover that Win7 RTM won’t let you perform an upgrade from RC1.  What the…? Read more…